301 Epoxy Resin & Hardener

This product can be applied to manually prepared surfaces to create a Fiberglass (GRP) layer around the entire circumference of leaking pipe surfaces. By incorporating layers of high strength woven glass fibre the pipe repair system is proven to give 10 years + protection to damaged, leaking or porous pipe surfaces.
Typically the composite wrap system can be applied to pipe diameters ranging from 1"-50" and once cured can resist 302℉/ 150℃ temperatures and pressures of 300psi.

    Solvent Free Epoxy Technology
    2 Component Gel
    Surface Tolerant
    Ideal for Large Diameter Pipes
    302℉/ 150℃ Temperature Resistance
    Up To 300psi Pressure Resistance
    High Mechanical Adhesion
  • Porous and leaking pipe surfaces
  • Encapsulating long lengths of large diameter pipework
  • Sealing leaking tank seams
  • Sealing leaking flange fittings