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Company Overview

Industries Served

Metal Repair Overview

Metal Repair on Ships Hull

Metal Repair on Pump Casing

Metal Repair on Flange Face

Platebonding with Metal Paste

Pipe Repair with Metal Paste

Metal Fluid XF applied to Oily Surface

Abrasion & Wear Overview

Lining of De-Ionized Water Tank

Lining of Pump Casing

Lining of Valve Casing

Introduction to Underwater Coating

Emergency Pipe Repair

Introduction to Rubber Repair

Conveyer Belt Repair

Introduction to 501 CRSG

Pull of Adhesion of 501 CRSG

Fuel Tank Containment Area

Hydrochloric Acid Containment

Bio-Digester Doors Protection

Introduction to 530 HA100

Introduction to 555 Resinox

Introduction to 570 Concrete Repair

Introduction to 571 Concrete Repair LW

Introduction to 575 Expansion Joint Filler

Anti-Static Flooring

Introduction to Tank Base Sealing